Obedience, Rally And Conformation


Obedience, Rally & Conformation Run Throughs

Saturday 13 January 2018


Obedience/Rally Run-through registration 8:30 to 10 AM - showing starts at 9 AM. Obedience runs are $8, $7, $5 for the SAME DOG; Rally runs are $5 each. 1. BN/Novice and Open Classes will always be available. Unless posted on this website one week in advance of the date of the Run-through, Utility will be available but start of showing may be delayed until completion of Novice or Open depending on Judge availability (refunds will be issued to anyone who cannot wait until utility showing starts).

2. Rally will be available, unless posted on this website by one week in advance of the date of the Run-through. Masters class will be available if Rally is offered (the Masters jump and some additional exercises will be set in separate ring (without a judge) as an addition to those signs in the main course). Contact Jim Swimme for additional information. Anyone wishing to receive e-mail updates on run-throughs, contact Jim Swimme via e-mail. Contact: Jim Swimme vestra@verizon.net (757) 488-7117 Cell (757) 469-1420.


Conformation Run-throughs. Come join us for Conformation Run-Throughs on the same dates as rally-Obedience Run-Throughs! Registration will be from 12 to 1 PM, judging starts at 1 PM. (No Conformation Showing before 1 PM. Conformation judging is subject to completion of Obedience/Rally Run-Throughs.)

You may sign up for multiple runs at $5 each. (One run consists of an individual examination and a small group simulation.) No grooming needed. If you wish to groom, no chalk/powder may be used in the building. Please crate your dog in Building 17 (the Annex).

Dogs must be at least 4 months old, and must have shots appropriate for their age as recommended by your veterinarian. Be prepared to show evidence (Rabies tags or certification) of Rabies inoculation. NO bitches in season are allowed on MDTC premises, inside or outside of the building. NO EXCEPTIONS. Contact Cat Vines cgmvines@charter.net (757) 582-3728 or Joyce Britt jbgrammy@aol.com (757) 784-5432 for information about ring procedures