Pay Pal


Directions for Using PayPal

click here for pop-up/pdf instructions


1.0 Open the Pay-Pal Website Link:

2.0 Log into your pay pal account.

If you don't have a Pay-pal account, click the sign up button in the upper right corner.  Then log into the account.

3.0 Enter ""

Enter the above email into the "Their email or phone number" block.

4.0 Enter the amount of your purchase:

In the "Amount" Block enter the fee forthe MTDC purchase. Be sure to add $5.00 administrative fee

5.0 Choose "Goods or Services":

After step 4, a new page will open. Select "Goods or Services"

6.0 Click the send money button.

In the "Special Instructions to Seller"  block, enter all the information needed to identify the MDTC purchase you are making. Failure to do so may delay aceptance of your purchase and result in your missing deadines.

7.0 Follow the prompts:

Pay-Pal will prompt you to log in and send the fee to MDTC.

8.0 Record the Transaction:

Enter the Transaction number on the MDTC purchase/regristration form.